Velcro Wall

This game is called an inflatable velcro wall and it comes with crazy sticky wall outfits of different sizes that players put on. Do flips, or just jump straight onto the game and hang around for a while. This game is suitable for any age but is best for junior, senior, and college or university people. 

Check out the pictures and see why this game is so popular with schools and colleges during winter carnival and their after prom safe graduation parties.

The object of the game once dressed up in a velcro suit is to run at the wall, and jump on the launch pad into the sticky wall waiting to grab another player. 

What sets our system apart is the variety of suits we bring with up to 5 suits in 4 different sizes. This is important to have because it reduces the line ups and waiting time. Just another point why we are the best rental company to choose from - more suits and shorter line ups. The little details cost us more but are designed to win us new customers and keep our current customers pleased with our service.

Some of you are probably wondering how you get down once you are stuck to the game. They say a picture is worth a thousand words?

If you are really stuck this works. The other method is to kick your feet until you start getting loose. This is part of the attraction of the game and part of the fun. 

If you are looking for more variety to have at an event or party click the inflatable games link below and it will take you to our main page with tons of options available for you to choose from. 

We have all the popular games including sumo suits, bungee run, obstacle course, and laser tag with mobile bunkers. Besides this inflatable Velcro Wall you will find Maritime party rentals serves up the best games, the newest games, the cleanest games, loaded with lots of extras.

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