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Tent rentals Nova Scotia serving areas around Yarmouth, Bridgewater, Digby, Halifax, Dartmouth, the Annapolis Valley, and all areas up to beautiful Cape Breton.

We are truly blessed with so many scenic areas to hold events in this province. That is what makes Nova Scotia such a great province to live in. The fresh seafood doesn't hurt either. No wonder so many people want to retire in this part of the world.

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This is a picture from the Annapolis Valley near Grand Pre. Rolling hills and green pastures make Nova Scotia an ideal location to hold an outside wedding, special event, reunion, or trade show. 

Pole Tents - The Best Wedding Tent

A pole tent is held up by tension and only requires staking every 20 feet. A large center pole is placed every 20 feet inside the tent.

When you are looking for an elegant tent for a very special occasion we recommend choosing a pole tent. The high peaks make this the perfect choice for a wedding ceremony and reception.

This is an example of our largest tent offering up to 4800 square feet of space. At 25 feet high the peaks show off this elegant tent. Without a doubt this is the best engineered tent in the world with less stakes, less weight, and less wind noise because of the tensioned roof.

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This tent is 60 feet across and 80 feet long. One other point we like about the design is that your guests will be closer to the head table than in your typical 40 by 120 tent. Max distance of 80 feet versus 120 feet under the same size area tent.

Tent Rentals Nova Scotia - Go with the best.

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 Our tents can be mixed and matched to work together. You could have a main tent, with a marquis for the caterers, and another hex for the band and dance floor. The possibilities are endless. Having trouble putting a package together? Give us a call and we will find the solution you are looking for.

Hexagon Frame Tent For Your Entertainment 

Musicians Tent Nova Scotia
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These tents are easy to setup and offer good protection for an event. Sizes vary from 100 square feet to 1035 square feet. Multiple tents can be joined together to cover even more area. This picture shows our 1035 square foot Hexagon. It is impressive when you are under it and offers 40 feet from corner to corner. Tent Rentals Nova Scotia New Brunswick and PEI.

When to cut the lawn before your event or party?

We recommend cutting the lawn three days before an event so that the grass does not stain the walls and roof of the tent during setup. These items are normally laid on the ground as part of the tent setup and the green sap stains the white vinyl quite easily. Leaving your lawn a little long during an event allows it to recover quicker as well.

If your event is on a Saturday you would want your lawn to be mowed no later than Wednesday morning.

Should I rent sidewalls for my tent?

It really depends on the weather. Walls increase the temperature under the tent by 10-15 degrees which can be reduced somewhat by ordering mesh sidewalls.

Sidewalls are most useful on cold days, in rain, and during the evening. Walls can also block a bad view. All our tents have wall packages available for them. Options include plain white, windows, mesh, and door walls.

Tent Rentals Nova Scotia

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