Sumo Suit and Sumo Wrestling Ring

I remember the first time we bought a sumo suit wrestling game for our rental business. Everyone was laughing as we fought to put on the outfits with the big gloves and ridiculous helmets. As soon as the outfits were on the cameras came out and immediately a battle royal started in our kitchen. You can imagine how funny that would have been seeing two adults pushing each other around in these huge outfits while trying to stay standing up. Fortunately we didn't do too much damage in the house before we were told to take it outside or else!

The game has been extremely popular at school fairs and company parties, and it was always in high demand but after a while I discovered that it could definitely be improved upon.

To prevent spectators from becoming too involved with a match and possibly causing an accident we decided to purchase an inflatable ring - commonly referred to as a Dohyo in Japan. Not only did this improve the game but it made it a lot safer for all that were involved, from the players, spectators, to the referee.

Here is a picture of the inflatable. It is a big one at 25 feet by 25 feet which gives the players lots of room to run in. The walls are quite tall and helps safety by keeping the players in a smaller area away from the crowd, while allowing still allowing everyone watching a clear unobstructed view of the match. This is good.

If you are looking for a great game for an event I would place this item at the top of your wish list. Contact us for more great party rental ideas that would compliment this game and/or more suggestions to make your event a total success.

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Sumo Suit Rentals update - here is a picture of me in my house with the new suit on. These are very well made with tons of extra foam and for a laugh I added these boxing gloves. Sumo Boxing - maybe a new challenge!

As mentioned before these suits take a lot of effort to put on due to the amount of foam in them which makes them a lot safer than other outfits we have seen. These are going to be a blast this year when we start the safe grad parties. :)

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Sumo Suit and Wrestling Ring System 

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