Portable Rock Wall Rentals

Bungee Jumpers in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI

Portable rock wall rentals and Bungee Jumpers are available in Nova Scotia New Brunswick and PEI. This portable climbing wall features 4 stations allowing plenty of people the opportunity to race their friends to the top. Notice the sand stone look and genuine professional climbing hand and foot holds. Each station provides a different route to the top of the wall and the level of expertise on each route is different to accommodate a variety of ages and experience. 

This climbing wall can be setup inside or outside if you have the vertical clearance of 27 feet. With an auto belay system you can increase the players adrenaline rush by letting them jump from the top of the wall. The belay will automatically slow you down and then stop you just before you reach the ground. This is an awesome attraction that is sure to bring in the crowds at your event.

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NEW 4 player Ultimate Bungee Jumper 
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As you can see this game will give everyone a good physical workout and the challenge of each section keeps people interested. There will be four different sections to climb - each progressively harder than the last one. Press the button on the top of the climbing wall to sound the horn which confirms you have reached the top. With the addition of multiple harnessed the line ups are never too long.

When you want to attract and entertain a crowd; it is hard to imagine anything that would do it better than a mobile 24 foot ROCK WALL.

Scroll down further to see another addition to our entertainment lineup available this spring for events in Nova Scotia New Brunswick or PEI. The all new ultimate bungee jumper.


Ultimate Bungee Jumper

The Bungee Jump or ultimate bungee jumper is a brand new attraction available for events today. This game can handle four players at one time just like the climbing wall and we can tell you first hand that this game is amazing to do. Allowing players to fly higher and do more exciting tricks through the air than any other version of this game around made our decision simple to add this to the entertainment lineup. You can do Double loops, a giant bounce, and reach over 20 feet in the sky each time you leap upwards. This game is great fun for all ages.

Add some excitement to your next school fair, festival, company picnic, carnival or event and consider one of these NEW and inspiring interactive attractions. Everyone will thank you for bringing something new and super cool to entertain the people this year.

All players will be required to obey instructions from the operators. The players will be required to wear harnesses correctly and assume all risks involved in participating on these items. Guardians will have to give permission for children to go on either of these items. Information will be available at the site location.

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