Popcorn Machine Rental

We offer two popcorn machine rental sizes so you can have the right one for the party or event. 

We carry all the supplies needed to make theatre style popcorn including the seasoning and laminated popcorn bag that doesn't leave you with greasy hands when you hold the product.

This is a premium package in every way without having to go to the movie theatre to enjoy this treat. Tasty salty and oh does it smell good which will have people lining up to be your customer.

Note: these concession machines must be picked up at our location in Berwick, Nova Scotia unless you are adding this to an event or party package you have booked with us. In that case we will deliver and setup the item, as well as give you some instructions on it's operation.

Please consider the pickup and delivery when planning an event where you will sell this fun food.

Big Line Ups are No Problem

cotton candy maker

Don't forget to add a cotton candy machine to your list with all the supplies to keep the real carnival food addicts happy. Cotton candy is a sure fire way to make people think they are at a fun event and all for a low low cost.

The other fun food machine is snow cones which is on the main fun food page link - click home page below to find the details. Flavours available are raspberry and strawberry banana - two of the top requests. 

Not sure how to make all these treats - relax - we will help you learn how to produce these treats like a pro in no time. And remember Youtube for great videos on making these items.

To become a really good food preparer I talked to Carnival food preparers to learn how to do it, and then I found a great video of a Carnival worker running two machines at one time. The tricks I saw made me a confident worker regardless of how long the line up gets. 

Two people knocked this line down in under 20 minutes. That's fast.

Popcorn Machine Rental

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