Nova Scotia Party Rentals

The best Nova Scotia party rentals are right here. Are you looking for newer equipment to keep your event unique and different from the other events going on. We know how hard it is to stand out from the crowd so we go out of our way to find those items just for you. 

For an example of unique items consider the pit stop challenge below. 

Our system uses real impact guns on a real 80 pound goodyear nascar tire attached to a metal rear quarter panel with real racing lugs and a precision timer. These college guys hammered this game for 5 hours straight and the game never failed - fastest pit stop was 9.85 seconds.

Guys love competition and this game delivers. When you need advice call the experts who can point out the best ideas for a wide range of ages and people.


The competitions game

For some real life comparisons look at one of our competitors pit stop game. They use go cart tires and you have to start the lug nuts by hand before torquing them on, rather then using professional lug nuts that you just blast on with the power tools. Fastest time for these two is probably a few minutes and I am sure you leave this game feeling underwhelmed. The plastic sheet is cute though.

carnival pit stop

Great Parties

Have a good look around the site for a party equipment rental idea that matches your imagination or theme. Great party ideas can be found on every page and you can rest assured that the equipment is clean and newer and ready to use. 

Need some extras like chairs, or tables? We can help. Need advice on choosing the right items to please a large crowd - you know we are there for you. Contact us today and let us line up some fun games to keep everyone well entertained. Once we have your business we recommend you sit back, relax, and know we have the entertainment under control.

Nova Scotia Party Rentals