Mobile Laser Tag Rentals

Now available - Mobile Laser Tag Rentals in the Maritimes. As you can see in the pictures this game comes with twenty five inflatable bunkers to run the tournaments with. Add up to fourteen lightweight lazer tag guns and you have a recipe for fun.

NEW FOR 2013 - we have expanded our available laser tag rental systems - now with up to 24 phasers and 35 mobile bunkers with bunker sizes up to 16 feet by 10 feet by 6 feet high. We have packages for any size group.

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Indoors or Outside Party Rentals

This game is perfect for indoors and outdoors use with all the items totally compatible in either environment. What we noticed after just a few events is that all ages will want to play this game making it fun for the whole family.

This is also a popular item for a school fair or safe grad because of its ability to handle large groups of players per hour. Below is a picture of a safe grad before the lights went down for the all night party. The location is in an arena which was later filled with the graduates.

This makes a great add on item with an inflatable games package  or an interactive games package for even more great entertainment ideas.


Laser Tag Gun and Pods

The blasters are ready for use when we arrive, and are extremely lightweight (2 pounds) making them suitable for all ages. To operate the players must have both hands on the blaster which is a safety feature to prevent people from swinging them around.

The guns have a built in scoring display for easy score keeping plus they emit sounds that let you know if you score points or lose a life. The lights operate in three modes each indicating something unique for great interaction and game play. There are few systems like these on the market but we don't stop here.

The white disk in the picture below is called a laser tag pod, and it has dozens of uses, which allows us to create many theme games. The pod can act as a recharging station, medical station, ammo station, and more. 

This game is just another tough choice you can add to your wish list especially for large events in the Maritimes. On a scale of 10 this is a 10 with all the players we have met. Even our workers want to run this game in case a blaster comes free for a session. 

laser tag pod

Laser Tag Birthday party service available in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia only. Larger events - please contact us for details.

Mobile Laser Tag Rentals in the Maritimes

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