Giant Inflatable Slide

Giant inflatable slide - ideal for all ages with lots of capacity for players to go through it every hour making it a better item for the money. This makes the game perfect for schools and events where you are expecting a lot of people with many children in attendance that need lots of fun things to do. A slide will cut through a lineup fast and the only game better for big crowds would be a giant obstacle course.

inflatable slide

This is a single lane unit with only one entrance so that one attendant can control the game play even with a large crowd like you see in the school fair picture above. As you can see this is a large game measuring over eighteen feet high and twenty feet long and 14 feet wide yet it operates on a single blower requiring less power to operate which is important in some locations. 

We chose this size because it can still fit inside a normal school gymnasium which makes it one of the possible choices for a spring fling or winter carnival at a school event.

We should also mention that this makes a great rental item for a birthday party or company picnic. Children never tire of playing on this game and it is almost as popular as an inflatable bouncer here and also here (almost :)

See the new games we are adding this year on the second link - like the game pictured below. The Mickey Mouse bouncer has a slide built inside of the game - how cool is that!

Items like the one below sometimes causes parents to ask why they didn't have all these great games when they were growing up. We understand how you are feeling. :) 


Inflatable Slide

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