Inflatable Party Rentals

Teens are harder to entertain than younger kids so our Inflatable party rentals are carefully chosen to engage these teenagers. We spend many hours on the phone talking to manufacturers and other companies to find the best entertainment for middle and high school aged people. It is safe to say that we have found the high ground for them as you will see below.

Games for Teenagers

There are two main approaches we have at Maritime P.R. We aim for physically active aspects and or mentally challenging ideas when purchasing games for teenagers.

An example of a mentally challenging idea would be laser tag where you have to out think your opponent while working with other team players. Strategy and tactics will always beat an uncoordinated approach to this game. The fact that there is lots of running adds a physical component to this idea that keeps the players coming back for more action.

Examples of a physically challenging ideas would be items like our sumo wrestling game. This game is very exhausting as you can imagine when trying to wrestle against someone else while wearing a bulky suit with helmets and mitts. The players are guaranteed to sweat this one out but it really comes down to the person with the most energy that will win in the end of a long 3 minute match.

One aspect that we would like to high light is creating the right atmosphere when putting on a teen event. What we find works well with our games is to lower the lights a bit if you are inside, and add our sound system to the package. This portable unit accepts ipods and other musical devices that many students already carry on them. They just plug them in and the right music is ready to listen to that is suited to the age group. Inflatable party rentals with the right atmosphere is going to engage every teenager group.

With this in mind we recommend you go to both page links below to check out our inflatable games and interactive games options. There are lots of ideas here and be sure to ask about our school packages if you are looking for many games for a big turn out.