Inflatable Joust

How do I explain our Inflatable Joust rental game - think of this as king of the hill except the hill is a big puffy blow up pillow you have to try and stand on. So while you are trying to gain your balance; your opponent must do the same thing. Then once you think you have this figured out, you then try to knock the other guy off of the centre area. All the while your opponent tries to knock you off of the centre too.

Check out the picture above with two adults ready to rumble. The reason I show this picture is to demonstrate that this unit can handle any age of player and sizes up to 200 pounds per player. That makes this game ideal for any school fair or spring fling or safe grad after prom type party.

Another item I like to point out is the differences our game has to the competitions game. This unit only has vinyl in its construction. The poles are inflatable joust poles that are as light as a feather. Compare this to the typical fibreglass poles with no protection that were probably designed by the tooth fairy if you get my meaning. Go with air filled vinyl for the better, safer game choice.

See the helmets on the players heads - this is standard issue with our rental units. Easy to put on and just another item to protect the warriors.

Also notice the netting  on the side of the game to keep the players inside the arena. It is also designed with see through netting so spectators can easily watch the play by play and cheer on their favourite player.

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