Graduation Party Ideas

Check out our Cool graduation party ideas designed to keep your party crowd well entertained late into the night. You already know about the great entertainment games we carry, (click here if you just popped into this site and missed our inflatable games page), but on this page I want to share some other information to take the party over the top.

High School Grad Party ideas

Interestingly we find the graduates enjoy a mix of excitement and a bit of down time to connect and rejuvenate their bodies. This is especially true when holding an all night safe grad party, college grad party, or after prom party and these ideas may help your planning.

It is important to have an area set aside where people can relax, have a snack, and chat with their fellow students. Consider finding a lounge area to handle this item. It will be quiet there initially but by the end of the night it will become the hub of activity as energy levels go down. 

During the early stages of the party we tend to setup in a larger area with our games for the excitement part of the event. Popular inflatable games available for these parties include sumo wrestling, bungee run, obstacle course, hamster ball races, the wrecking ball, and our most popular item mobile laser tag rentals. Click the links above to see all the available entertainment. The site map for a list of all our games is here.

To create a little bit of atmosphere we provide a sound system with adapters for ipods, and ipads etc. We suggest the prom group committee supply the music which is more to their taste then say the music I like from the 70's and 80's. So when you plan out your event consider graduation party ideas that add excitement while being easy to add on to the list of things you need to have.

The truth is having the sound system delivered as part of our party package is the simplest add on we know of.

An alternative to a sound system would be a DJ or disk jockey. The great thing about DJs are the interaction you can have with a great DJ and the party group. Song selection will be better and a great DJ will have the sense to start strong and finish with more relaxing music near the end of the event.