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Maritime party rentals is your source for fun food machine rentals and supplies for events and parties in the Maritimes. We offer a cotton candy maker, popcorn, and slushie, shave ice, or snow cone machines for events, plus all the supplies you might need to have on hand.

Everything you will need to produce top quality products is included. We can also give you directions on proper product preparation to help you increase your concession sales.

We offer two sizes of cotton candy and popcorn machines, small and large, and one size that works well for shave ice (snow cone). Note that the shave ice machine produces a snow that you flavour which is easily more tasty as a slushie product.


Concession food - Please Read

These machines are available for pickup service only unless they are an addition to a party rental package or tent rental package.

Machines are located in Berwick, Nova Scotia. Please plan accordingly and if you are too far away to justify the pickup just contact us and we will try to source out a company that is closer to you. Thank you.

Small Cotton Candy Machine

cotton candy machine rental

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Cotton candy rental details.

Small Popcorn Machine

popcorn machine rental

Popcorn Machine Rental Page

Shave Ice Machine (sno cone slushie)

sno cone machine rental

Maritime party rentals offers a variety of flavours for the shave ice and cotton candy machine rentals including pink silly nilly and boo blue raspberry for cotton candy, and raspberry plus strawberry banana for sno cone syrups. 

As an option you can buy purity brand products for the syrup which has less sugar in it. This is a great treat on a hot day, and does especially well at school fundraisers as a healthy treat with the right syrup.

Ensure you have adequate power when operating at an outside venue. The machines use on outlet each (normal household power) and the units draw up to 12 amps and the bigger machines can draw 14 or more amps. If you are not sure about the power just ask us for advice. 

We also provide power generators featuring the Honda brand for reliable power options that can run a couple of these machines at one time. Each rental comes with fuel and is serviced before each event or party. 

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