Dunk Tank Rentals Nova Scotia

We have dunk tank rentals available in Nova Scotia. These are available for pickup in the Annapolis Valley or delivered as part of a party rental package in the Maritiimes. 

This is a premier fun for fund raising ideas at community events for sure with everyone eager to spend a dollar or two to get their favourite victim a little wet (actually a lot wet or soaked if you prefer). Of course it is all in fun and spectators really enjoy watching this activity too.

dunk tank

Rental Details

Two different units are available for pickup - the first one above is a trailer mounted unit that you can tow with a small car. The hitch is a two inch ball and the unit is very light to maneuver by hand to hook it up to the tow vehicle. 

The second unit is a portable rental unit that fits in the back of a full size pickup truck. This usually takes two strong people to put in place. The game is easy to move around on the ground with its dolly wheels attached to the frame - barely visible in the picture below. 

Each unit comes with half a dozen balls to hit the red target with on the frame (yellow or clown face).

dunk tank rentals

Dunk Tank Rentals Page

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