Cotton Candy machine rentals

Cotton candy machine rentals in the Maritimes. You asked for it and we delivered. It is hard to imagine a fun event without some sweet fluffy candy floss on a stick. 

With a variety of flavours it is hard to decide which one to have. Easily the top two though are pink silly nilly, and blue boo raspberry.

Of course we have all the supplies you will need with the floss machine to start producing this addictive treat. Add some clown bags and you will have the same fun food that you see at a fair or carnival at a fraction of the price. 

cotton candy machine rentals

We offer two sizes of machine rentals - regular and commercial speed. If you are a novice go with the regular machine and add some pink cotton candy floss sugar to produce the treat you see above, and the pros already know about the commercial machine that produces floss as fast as you can handle it.

We also offer blue cotton candy sugar which tastes like raspberry, while the pink tastes like vanilla. These are the top two flavours on the market. 

Pink or Blue Cotton Candy

pink cotton candy

We also offer slushie machines or sno cone machines whichever you like to call them, plus popcorn machine rental with supplies for each.

Typically a complete package for 200 servings will run you about 75 cents a serving. This is commercial grade quality treats that you make yourself. Think movie theatre popcorn and you get the idea for example.

Fundraising is easy with a crowd and these crowd pleasing treats. You can easily sell a treat for $2 on up to $4 depending on location and quality.

School dances are a great place to sell these items while contributing to the student affairs bank account which could then be used for safe grad parties, or outings. Your only limited by your imagination.

Are you on a town committee looking for money makers. Don't waste your time on anything other then fun food and also a dunk tank. Great money makers for sure.

Cotton Candy Machine Rentals

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